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Oriental Taipan Massage & Spa offers a step up in skincare, providing a choice of the latest treatments expertly delivered by our trained therapists. Our cosmetology specialists are trained in beauty treatment and skin care services using Jurlique and PAYOT products.

Deep Cleaning Facial Care for Man Jurlique RMB 580/60min
Specially designed for man, this treatment eliminates impuritiesand improves complexion via exfoliating, hydrating, and moisturizing. Comes with a head massage for relaxation and to restore skin vitality.
Signature Aromatherapy Facial Jurlique RMB 680/70min
This classic facial provides holistic benefits essential for radiant healthy skin. A cleansing and relaxing facial is performed using aromatherapy personalized for individual skin type and condition.
Brightening Firming Deep Cleaning Facial Jurlique RMB 880/80min
A personalized facial specially blended with spirulina, herbs and seaweed to provide essential vitamins to benefit tired and dehydrated skin. Deep clean & clarity the skin.This is the ultimate pickup for any skin type.
Ultimate Signature Facial (double-layer mask)Jurlique RMB 980/100min
A totally indulgent treatment combining Jurlique Signature Aromatherapy Facial with two layers of mask to purify and hydrate your skin. Suitable for all skin type.
Fragile Repair Hydrating Facial Care PAYOT RMB 480/80min
Relieves dry and tight skin and redness, prevents and mitigatesstress and skin allergies caused by seasonal changes. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Top Anti-aging Facial Treatment / Effective Collagen Hydrating Facial Treatment PAYOT RMB 680/100min
Immediate protects and moisturizes skin, effectively fades wrinkles and firms facial skin. Enlivens and smoothens skin, regenerates elasticity, and giving it a soft and comfortable feel. Suitable for mature skin.
Breast Massage with Essential Oils (add-on with no discount) PAYOT RMB 98/20min
Promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism, and enhancessuppleness and toughness of chest, and prevents sagging.
Full Effect Firming Eye Care (add-on with no discount) PAYOT RMB 180/20min
Weakens puffiness and dark circles, smoothens skin around the eyes, and rejuvenates. Suitable for dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.
Aromatherapy Anti-aging Eye Zone Treatment Jurlique RMB 198/20min
(add-on not enjoy any discount)
Aromatherapy Neck Firming Treatment (add on) Jurlique RMB 198/20min
(add-on not enjoy any discount)

A retreat for the body and mind, Spa Treatment at Oriental Taipan Massage & Spa is a lifestyle. philosophy, a space for complete tranquility, contemplation, and relaxation.

1.OPC Anti-oxidant Body Scrub Jurlique RMB 580/30min
2.Aromatic Essential Oil Bath(Lavender,Rose... ) Jurlique RMB 380/30min
3.Full Body Detoxify, Moisturizing & Firming Care PAYOT RMB 1180/70min
4.Anti-oxidant Full Body Scrub (add-on not enjoy any discount) PAYOT RMB 180/30min
A Package RMB 880/120min
Ultimate Facial (including eye care & neck treatment) + Detoxifying & Moisturizing Body Oil Massage + Head Massage
B Package RMB 988/140min
Anti-oxidant Full Body Scrub + Detoxifying & Firming Full Body Wrap + Moisturizing Full Body Oil Massage + Head Massage
C Package RMB 988/130min
Ultimate Facial + Detoxifying & Moisturizing Body Oil Massage + Head Massage
D Package RMB 1398/170min
Essential Oil Bath + Anti-oxidant Body Scrub+ Ultimate Signature Facial (double-layer mask) +Moisturizing Body Oil Massage + Head Massage

Aromatic massage combines relaxation and well being with this gentle therapeutic massage. Essential oils relax the pores to allow absorption of nutrients, improves circulation, and contributes to a healthy immune system as it soothes the senses and rejuvenate the spirit.

Aromatic Oil Massage RMB 480/80min
Our Massage Therapist applies essential oil of your choice, through a unique and comforting massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic system to release toxins from the body, It also clears blocked centres, relaxes and dissolves.
Taipan Signature Aromatic Oil Massage RMB 680/90min
This signature Treatment is a relaxing massage performed by our well-trained therapists employing a blend of Thai and Swedish techniques, It promotes total relaxation, eliminates tension, releases tightness and eases muscle pain.
Hot Stone Aromatherapy RMB 680/90min
Using heated volcanic stones in conjunction with essential oil to promote deep tissue massage by stimulating the pressure points of the body. It helps to quickly relief fatigue, release toxin. The results of this treatment are :blocked lymphatic system is cleared, blood circulation is improved and metabolism elevated.
Lymphatic Aromatic Body Oil Massage RMB 580/80min
Combining the skillful massage technique and the very nature of essential oil, it effectively clears the circulation system,stimulates blood circulation balances both mental and physical status, improves metabolism and releases toxin.
Signature Meridian Aromatic Oil Massage RMB 580/80min
Premium Health Care Body Oil Massage RMB 680/80min

The focus of Traditional Chinese Massage is to relieve fatigue and stress of body and mind, specifically the release of muscle tension, flexibility and suppleness of joints to bring relaxation to the mind. This is done by the degree of pressure and the direction of pressure applied by the masseuse.

Signature Stretch & Massage RMB 268/60min
RMB 388/90min
Premium Body Stretch & Massage RMB 328/60min
RMB 458/90min
Chinese Saying: “Extend tendon an inch, prolong life by 10 years!” Oriental Taipan’s all new Signature Body Stretch is designed to relax your mind and tune up your body. It combines stretching with massaging the body’s deep pressure points, and raises body awareness. It has the effect of reducing muscle tension, allowing for freer and easier movement and increasing the range of motion.
Standard Foot Massage RMB 228/75min
Signature Foot Massage RMB 268/75min
Premium Foot Massage RMB 328/75min
This technique focuses on the deep pressure points on the feet, which stimulates the reflex points, encourages natural healing and vitalizes blood circulation. It starts with a hot herbal bath on your feet while our therapist massages your neck and shoulder to release your muscle tension.
Standard Full Body Massage RMB 228/60min
Signature Body Massage RMB268/60min
Premium Body Massage RMB328/60min
This massage focuses on the deep pressure points throughout the body and helps to release blocked energy to aid healing. It stretches and releases tight muscles, improves blood circulation, soothes tension and revitalizes the mind. It helps you to a sound sleep.
Standard Neck Treatment RMB 138/30min
Signature Neck Treatment RMB 158/30min
Premium Neck Treatment RMB 198/30min
This massage on the neck and its pressure points releases stiff muscles and help relief headache and numbness in the arms arising from a tight neck.
Standard Head & Shoulder Massage RMB 238/70min
Signature Head & Shoulder Massage RMB 268/70min
This releases back, neck and scalp tension with massage on the pressure points along the body’s meridian channel. It restores an overall sense of well-being and relaxes muscles.
Chinese Meridian Aromatic Oil Massage RMB 480/80min
Partial Body Massage Standard RMB98/20min
Signature RMB118/20min
Premium RMB158/20min
Utilizing Chinese meridian nervous system & cupping massage techniques to alleviate fatigue, balance the body and mind.
Add on Treatment (not enjoy any discount)
Toenail Cut & Sole Callus Removal RMB 98/20min
Head Massage,Hand Massage RMB 98/20min

Healthy hands and beautiful nails leave an impression. At Oriental Taipan nail salon, we use the OPI , CUCCIO, LCN and CND ext brand of nail products, created specifically for trained professionals in nail salons from the US and Germen. We like every customer to leave our nail salon with a pair of hands that expresses both beauty and confidence.

Menu Price(RMB)
LCN Manicure RMB180
LCN Pedicure RMB260
Japan Artgenic Hand Gel Nail RMB588
Japan Artgenic Foot Gel Nail RMB688
Japan Artgenic Hand Gel Nail Extension RMB888
Color Hand Gel Nail RMB360
Color Foot Gel Nail RMB400
CND Hand Polish Gel Nail RMB268
CND Foot Polish Gel Nail RMB298
LCN Hand Treatment (including RMB90 OPI Manicure) RMB90
LCN Foot Treatment (including RMB130 OPI Pedicure) RMB130
Signature LCN Hand Treatment (including RMB180 LCN manicure) RMB580
Signature LCN Foot Treatment (including RMB260 LCN pedicure) RMB680
*French Style Add RMB60
Full Arms RMB200
Under Arms RMB280
Full Legs/Back RMB340
Hot Chick/Brazilian Style RMB580
Natural RMB580
Curling RMB880
Ultra Thick RMB1180
Lady Gaga RMB1580

Oriental Taipan Massage & Spa offers fresh, delicious, healthy, and light menu options to complete your stay at our spa. Enjoy the specially designed menu with our compliments .

Charge food (RMB10/Item)
Charge food
Apple Grapefruit Ginger Juice、Local Beer、Coca-Cola、Diet Coke、Orange Juice、Mineral Water 、 Herbal Jelly(Clearing Heat&Detoxification)
Coca-Cola (Diet Coke)、Kunlun Mountains Natural Mineral Water、 Herbal Jelly
▲ Please vacate your room within 20 minutes after your service
Complimentary food
Oriental Taipan Curry Beef Brisket on Rice/Noodle、Steamed Rice with Poached Egg、Luncheon Meat and Egg on Rice/Noodle、Scallion Noodles、Fried Eggs and Tomato with Rice、Macanese Pork Chop Bun
Oriental Taipan Sandwich、Peanut  Butter  Toast、Macanese Cream Pudding、Dumpling
Coffee、Milk Tea、Tea & Coffee Mix、Apple Juice、Carrot Juice、Pear Juice、Cucumber Juice (Seasonal Supply)、Watermelon Juice (Seasonal Supply)
Puer Tea、Chrysanthemum Tea、Longjing Tea、Oriental Taipan Herbal Tea (Hot/ Cold Jug)
▲10RMB is charged on each F&B item for non-consuming guests


Gift Price(RMB)
Neck Pillow RMB 280
Massage Robe RMB 180
Fragrance Lamp RMB 880
Tableware RMB 80
Rose Essential Oil RMB 388
Lemon Essential Oil RMB 268
Sandalwood Essential Oil RMB 328
Lavender Essential Oil RMB 288
Bathrobe RMB 268
Salt Ribbon RMB 98
Humidifier RMB 580

Reservation & Cancellation
We recommend that you make reservation in order to ensure quality of service being provided.
We shall keep your booking and appointed therapist for 15 minutes. To help us reschedule your appointment, please give us cancellation notice. Help us offer the same quality of service by checking out of your room 20 minutes after service to prepare the room for the next appointment.

Health Condition
If you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, are pregnant or have any other medical complications, may we advise you to consult your doctor before massage for any services. Please make you therapist aware of any medical conditions.