Become a member of the Oriental Taipan Club and receive VIP access with further discounts and special Club member promotions. Our members can also enjoy discounted services and special promotional offers with partner organizations.


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The Club provides membership to loyal customers of Oriental Taipan over the years, which entitles them to enjoy the following privileges:

1.20% off regular prices at Happy Hours

2.Oriental Taipan Stored Value Cards:

√ Store Rmb50,000 Value Rmb70,000

√ Store Rmb20,000 Value Rmb28,000

√ Store Rmb10,000 Value Rmb13,500

√ Store Rmb 5,000 Value Rmb 6,500

√ Store Rmb 3,000 Value Rmb 3,750

3、Purchase of company products at preferential prices.

4、Members will be regularly invited to try Taipan new products for free.

5、First hand information through SMS and/or E-mail about company promotional activities.

6、Members will receive uniquely designed souvenirs worthy of collection.

7、Accompanying quests will enjoy the same service discount as the member.

8、Reciprocate privileges for associate clubs.

*Happy Hours: Monday to Friday before 17:00 except Chinese Public Holidays.

By making a cash deposit with Company Fully complete a Taipan Club Membership Application From and make cash deposit at options of RMB50,000, RMB20,000,RMB10,000,RMB5,000 or RMB3,000. The deposit made is not refundable.

In consideration of the individual (hereinafter called〝the Applicant”) applying for the use of Oriental Taipan Club Membership Card(hereinafter called〝the Taipan Card〞),Beijing Oriental Taipan Health Center Co.Ltd. (hereinafter called〝the Company〞)and the Applicant hereby agree that:

1.The Taipan Card is a membership card issued by the Company to its valued guests. On presenting the card for consumption, the cardholder will enjoy all the privileges, whetherdisplayed in the shop lobby or otherwise, provided by the Company to members.

2.The Taipan Card is not a credit card and it is not transferable.

3.The Applicant agrees to by the operating rules of the Company.

4.The Applicant agrees to pay all the expenses incurred for the use of the Taipan Card.

5.The Applicant agrees to provide the Company with the true personal data and the Company shall keep of such data confidential for the Applicant.

6.The Applicant is responsible for the financial loss arising from the loss of the Taipan Card.

7.In the event of changes in personal data or loss of card, the Applicant will amend or replace the Taipan Card as directed by the Company. The Applicant will otherwise be responsible for any loss arising.

8.The Company reserves the right to reject or terminate the Taipan Club membership of any applicant without cause provided; any balance remaining in the Taipan Card is refunded to the applicant.

9.In submitting to the Company the signed Taipan Club Membership Application Form, the Applicant is deemed to have bound himself in this Agreement.

10.The Company in issuing the Taipan Card is in agreement with the use of the card by the Applicant

11.The Company in issuing the Taipan Card and in agreeing to the use of the card by the Applicant, the Company is deemed to have been bound by this Agreement. The Applicant in using the Taipan Card is deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules and regulations (including the changes and amendments thereof) from time to time in this Service Agreement.